Postdoctoral Fellow

Program in Writing and Communication
Rice University
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I am currently a Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow in Rice University’s Program in Writing and Communication. I received my PhD in sociocultural anthropology from Rice University in May 2021.

I’m currently teaching:

My current research, “The Archive of the Self: Trans Self-Making and Social Media in Santiago de Chile argues that online Chilean trans subjectivities and social media archives are dialectically related; that is these subjectivities are shaped by—and also shape—interactions with the social media content of others, which in turn leads to changes in both on- and offline gender expression and identity. Furthermore, I argue that social media constitutes a space of innovation on pre-existing forms of narrative resistance dating back to Chile’s military dictatorship (1973-1990), in which individual and group memory-work became a salient form of resistance.

I am also beginning work on a new project that explores the shifting politics of race in today’s Chile, through the lens of the largely unmarked category of whiteness and its intersections with class and gender.

I am also passionate about public scholarship, and am working on several projects at the moment. I am currently the Public Scholarship Fellow for the New York Academy of Sciences Anthropology Division. I also recently completed a fellowship with Cool Anthropology, where I designed anthropological content for a variety of audiences.

Additionally, I am in the final stages of a collaborative project with several of my interlocutors and Chilean photographer Karina Fuenzalida, an interactive web portal (de) les Trans, a public humanities project that questions the primacy of the photographic and ethnographic gazes in telling trans stories by centering autobiographical contributions from each participant. (Premiering fall 2022!)