ANTH 385: Media, Culture, and Society

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In 2021, this course will be offered during Summer Block C1 (May 24 – July 2)

We live in a world dominated by more forms and volume of media than ever in history.

From cell phones that play music, store files, and give us directions to the grocery store; to the seemingly endless supply of new streaming options as each company vies for its piece of the pie; from the recent unsettling role of Twitter in the US presidency; to the use of that same technology for racial justice activism around the world; in short, media is (are) everywhere.

Despite this, anthropology has often shied away from critical engagement with media. In this course we will meet this challenge head on, learning the history of mass media in modern history, analyzing the role media play in recent political movements, and deconstructing our favorite reality TV shows.

Check out last year’s syllabus here!